What is ABQ Theology on Tap?

ABQ Theology on Tap; where faith is cultivated, brewed, and served in a dynamic environment bursting with opportunities to enrich our relationship with God and each other!

When is ABQ Theology on Tap?

ABQ ToT is held on the first Tuesday of every month. The current venue for ABQ ToT is O'Neills Pub [4310 Central Ave NE]. Check out the calendar for dates, topics, and speakers!

O’Niell’s is a daytime, dinnertime, anytime patio restaurant, something the Irish used to call a public house. At O’Niell’s, real folks and their families get together to “make it Irish” with a simple formula: Good Food, Honest Drink.

Who Goes to ABQ Theology on Tap?

Students, Artists, Adults, Wanderers, Laity, Storytellers, Tax Collectors, Religious, Orphans, Young Adults, Singles, Academics, Carpenters, Couples, Priests, Seniors, Widows...People Just Like You!

Can I Watch ABQ Theololgy on Tap?

Yes, you can watch ABQ ToT every month, Live or VOD, on DBN

Can I listen to ABQ Theology on Tap?

yes, you can listen to abq tot on kdei radio or generateIONS podcast

Does ABQ Theology on Tap have Social Media?

you bet!




How can You Contact ABQ Theology on Tap?

you can email abqtot@deiabq.org, call 505.831.8212, fill out the form below, or via any of our social media accounts